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Golden Opportunity

The truth is, Gold has been the universal currency for ages. Unlike paper currency, Gold has maintained its value for generations. It has served as a hedge against inflation and erosion of major currencies, thus, an investment well worth considering.  

Paper currency is manipulated by corruptors. Ball and chain to your financial independence. Gold has been masked from its true purpose for a long time. Bring the Gold Standard back to life and preserve wealth from one generation to the next. Gold is independence. Gold is freedom. 

  "Because Gold is honest money it is disliked by dishonest men." -Ron Paul  

Karatbars. Blockchain. KBC. KCB. MAINNET. Karatnet. Cashgold. Karatbars International. Goldgainz101

Gold Backed Digital Currency - KBC/KCB

The KaratGold (KBC) Coin and KaratCoin Bank(KCB) Coin are especially interesting for investors and traders who want to invest in Gold but also believe in the growth opportunities of cryptocurrency. Karatbars International creates an ideal connection. The coins were made to introduce a connection between a cryptocurrency and the precious metal "Gold". This allows everyone to own Gold in a form of a digital asset. The Gold backed coin is stable and non-volatile. The coin can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Etc.), sold for fiat currency at live market price, or traded for PURE PHYSICAL GOLD. 

The coins can be traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges including: Binance, BitForex, YoBit, HitBTC, Coinbe, Coinsuper, Blockfolio, and our very own KARATBIT.

Karatbars. Blockchain. KBC. KCB. MAINNET. Karatnet. Cashgold. Karatbars International. Goldgainz101

Blockchain Technology & Security

The Blockchain Project is based on a decentralized structure with complete and immutable book of accounts (ledgers). No authority(banks) controls the "system" which gives users total control of the network. On top of being low-cost and fast, each transaction is anonymous and checked for accuracy, completeness, and uniqueness. The decentralized structure is used until the acceptance of orders reaches the end transaction. 

Additionally, new innovations like the CashGold Exchange Machine (CEM), K-Impulse Voice Over Blockchain Smartphone, and K-Merchant has been introduced!